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Kedah Forestry Department serves as a technical and prosefesional department which can manage and provide advice to the State Authority in the administration and management of forests. In particular the function of Kedah State Forestry Department are: -

  1. Implement the trust of the State Authority in administering and managing the State's forest resources with the concept of Sustainable Forest Management in order for member to get benefits of social, economic and clean environment for the people.

  2. Act as the implementing agency policies and enforcement of laws and regulations in forestry.

  3. Act as the implementing agency development efforts, restoration and reforestation through proper silvicultural practices that can produce high yields.

In this organization, Kedah Forestry Department has been divided into units that have special functions respectively as follows: -

1.1  Operations and Enforcement Unit 

  • Running forest law enforcement as required by the National Forestry Act 1984 and Wood-Based Industry Enactment 1985 and rules and regulations.

  • The paper presents investigations relating to forest offenses and conducting the prosecution in court if necessary to do so.

  • Conducting intelligence work on offense and explorationof "Hutan Simpan Kekal" areas.

1.2    Planning and Forest Management Unit

  • Prepare monthly reports / quarterly / yearly under the Forest Development Program and assessing the cost effectiveness of the projects that have been implemented.

  • Prepare Annual Budget Estimates based on Forest Development Plan program that has been set.

  • Provides Forest Management Plan and oversee the implementation of the Forest Development Program and RTRT according with the requirements of KUP annual coupe.

  • Provides annual report of Kedah State Forestry Department and papers required by the department.

1.3   Industrial and Forest Harvesting Unit

  • Provide documents related to the licensing of Forest Harvesting and Forest-based Industries and monitor such activities to be consistent with the requirements of the National Forest Policy.
  • Monitor the implementation of MC & I (Forest) and the MS ISO 9001: 200 JPSM so Kedah State Forestry Department to achieve the desired level.

1.4    Silviculture and Forest Protection Unit

  • Implementing and monitoring the activities of Forest Plantation and repair of goods and activities Nursery and Boxes study and research.

  • Run and monitor projects Inventory of Post F and silviculture treatments.

  • Provide estimates of the Annual Budget Forest Development Fund (KWPH), based on the Program Plan that has been set.

  • Run and monitor specific projects as "Hutan Tani", VJR, Arboretum Biodiversity-D, Phenology and EIA.

1.5    Amenity Forest Unit

  • Designing, implementing and monitoring forest projects in the state of Kedah in accordance with the requirements and needs of the Kedah State Government.
  • Design, implement and monitor projects Eco-tourism and community forests that are in line with the requirements of the State of Kedah Kedah State Government.
  • Plan and implement activities related to the development of such publicity likes Forestry Museum and Exhibition Kedah State Forestry Department.
  • Organizing recreational activities, excursions and lectures on a regular and periodic forestry.
  • Printing and publishing pamphlets and forestry bulletin for general circulation.
  • Monitoring the Urban Forest Project.

1.6    General Administration and Finance Unit

  • Perform general administrative affairs related departments such as service personnel, disciplinary action and staffs.

  • Implement the dealings that related to the department of finance such as salaries and allowances, annual operating budget, purchases and services, stores and internal audit.